Use Water Wisely


EPA estimates that the average U.S. citizen wastes 2 gallons daily on oral hygiene. That might amount to 600 million gallons daily! Don’t run the faucet when you aren’t using it. That’s a ‘nice save’ for Minnesota’s water future. It’s important for each of us to save water, every day. Shutting off the faucet will help with water conservation. For more easy tips to save water in Minnesota, visit: Brushing teeth uses 2 gallons (tap on). Hand washing uses 2 gallons (tap on). Tub bathing uses 40 gallons (full). Showering uses 5 gallons per minute. Toilet flushing uses 5-7 gallons. Shaving uses 3-5 gallons (tap on). Unused running water is like connecting a drain to your tap; wasting water! Minnesota Rural Water Association * 800-367-6792

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