Wastewater Treatment Expansion Fee (WTEF)

A WTEF is charged for all new connections to public sanitary sewer to pay the cost of treatment plant expansion due to area growth. A permit must be obtained and the WTEF must be paid before the permit can be approved.

Airport Hanger - $1250
Garage/Storage Shed RV/Camper - $1250
Guest House - $2500
Garage w/Loft - $2500
House/Town home - $2500
House w/Garage or Shed - $3750


Residential Monthly User Rates

Residential family user rates apply to single family dwellings including those that are rented, partially or in whole, provided it discharges normal domestic strength wastewater.

The user charge for a single-family dwelling shall increase by 4% starting January 1, 2019. The new user charge will be a flat fee of $28.86 per month and is billed by Alexandria Light and Power (ALP).

Rates are established by an ALASD user charge ordinance adopted by the ALASD Board of Directors.

Commercial Monthly User Rates

Non-residential/commercial user charges will be increased 4% to $6.38 per 1,000 gallons, in addition to the $.50 per month billing charge. The minimum monthly charge shall be based on the private sewer service pipe connection to structure and shall be as follows:

4" - $28.86 per month plus usage charge
6" - $86.82 per month plus usage charge
8" - $183.54 per month plus usage charge
10" - $296.90 per month plus usage charge
12" - $477.86 per month plus usage charge

Resort & Commercial Off Season Rates

ALASD defines a "Resort" as a commercial enterprise whose income is solely derived from the rental of housing units and associated goods and equipment. The units must be available for rent May 15 to September 1 of each year. Upon written notice and the signing of the contractual agreement, user rates will be reduced during the off-season to the minimum charge for a six inch service. The minimum will not apply if the resorts off season usage exceeds the minimum charge.

Units owned by individuals, corporations, cooperatives, associations or other multiple owner groups will not be considered a resort and therefore do not qualify for an off season rate.

Industrial User Rates

The user charge for BOD, P, & SS, which exceeds the parameters of the general municipal flow (BODS= 290 mg/I, and TP = 10mg/l) and by rule is agreed upon in the Significant Industrial User (SIU) agreements shall be as follows:

BOD: $357.69 per 1,000 pounds
P: $10.31 per pound
SS: $.3304 per pound