August 6 & 7, 2019 Pictures- 1st Manhole

Here we go:


The Nevada Street Interceptor Sewer project scheduled for this summer/fall has officially commenced! ALASD is replacing a lift station that is under-capacitated with a new gravity sewer interceptor line. The new interceptor line will be installed on the east side of Nevada street, from Latoka Lane SW to old highway 27 (34th Avenue West). The interceptor line will cross under 34th Avenue, and will connect to existing sewer main just south of W 39th Ave. Nevada St SW will be reconstructed in this portion of the project (South of 34th Ave W to 39th). Many benefits will be gained upon the completion of this project, including future expansion capacities and eliminating one large lift station from the ALASD system. Geislinger and Sons from Watkins, MN (low bidder) will perform the construction project for ALASD this summer. WSN Engineering prepared the construction plan for ALASD.

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