Area: 100 Square Miles

Population: 24,000

Customer Accounts: 10,150

Sanitary Sewer (Gravity): 222 Miles

Sanitary Sewer (Forcemain): 52 miles

Lift Stations: 167

Residential Grinders: 124

Plant Design Flow: 4.7 million gallons per day (MGD) - 3 MGD average

Biosolids Recycling: More than 850 dry tons treated annually and recycled onto agricultural land in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Lake Quality Testing: Performed on each of the following lakes in June, July, August and September: Lake Henry, Winona, Agnes, Victoria, Geneva, Carlos, Darling, Cowdry, Brophy, Latoka, Andrew, Mary and Ida.  Test results are submitted to the ALASD Board of Directors and the MPCA.